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What’s the big deal with AB2109?


All of us have noticed the big push from health care as of late and have read pages upon pages of tactics that they list and publish, to try and push vaccines on the total population. So is it any surprise that they are trying to change laws in order to make it more difficult to say no? Of course it isn’t and neither is it a surprise that they will make more $money$ because of this new bill.

Now while I am sure that it didn’t all start with Dr. Richard Pan, his name is on this bill so he is taking the brunt of the backlash. Despite the numerous postings of upset parents, practitioners and even people around the globe… he does not respond, but continues to post articles as if they don’t exist. Maybe he thinks if he holds out long enough, the bill will pass and they’ll all disappear.  But we’ll have to wait to see how that pans out.

There are a few who don’t get what the big deal is and protest that this isn’t forced vaccination so people shouldn’t be complaining. So what better thing to do than clearly outline what is so bad about this new bill.

Currently in order to get a philosophical exemption, one has to simply write and sign a piece of paper and send it to the appropriate place. The new suggestion is that in addition to that piece of paper, parents must also go to a doctor and listen to them lay out the benefits and risks of vaccinations, the doctor must write a letter, sign it and then the parent must write another letter and sign that one. This must also happen again once the child reaches grade 7 and applies to children who are homeschooled as well.

So now not only can’t you just opt-out, you have to sit in a doctor’s office and risk catching something, but you must also listen to them tell you; how wonderful vaccines are, how the only risk is a sore arm, maybe a possible fever and that you are putting your child and everyone else at risk by not vaccinating cause your child is now a cesspool of disease.

Before I move on to the next point of contention, I want to touch a bit on these papers that have to be written and signed, according to the new bill. Most of us are familiar with the general working of doctor’s offices these days. As it stands, most doctors don’t even discuss vaccines but instead simply state that your child is due for them. There is never an option given to opt out and most people are not aware that it is even possible to do so. Most offices don’t keep you in for the appropriate time to watch for an allergic or otherwise reaction after injection and most doctors have absolutely no clue, what the signs of a reaction are. Multiple stories from families all ring the same ‘the doctor would not even consider that a reaction was possible’ ‘the doctor kept denying that it could be the vaccine, despite all other possibilities being ruled out’ ‘my baby turned blue and stopped breathing and he just kept saying, it’s not the vaccine, it’s not the vaccine’.

I’m getting to my point I swear.

With doctors continually denying risks and not being aware of current studies how can they properly inform parents of the benefits and risks when they are so biased, uneducated and opinionated on the subject.  With that in mind we come to the signed papers. I have not found anywhere that it states what is to be written on that document. It would be nice to assume that it will say something like, risk/benefits were explained and medical intervention was denied. In reality it could be very different. Doctors could write that risk/benefits were explained and parent refuses, putting child and community in danger. Then the parent is required to sign a paper showing that they basically agree to the doctor’s paper. If a parent is being required to sign such a thing…… no wonder there is backlash about this.

People refusing to inject their children with a manufactured product didn’t do so lightly and didn’t do so out of laziness or lack of funds. People refusing are educated on vaccines, diseases and how to properly treat them without the need of synthetic materials. Doctors, hell a lot of people are dismissing real concerns as some passing trend. Maybe if they started acknowledging these concerns, actually listening and investigating; we wouldn’t have such a misunderstanding from health care professionals. It’s not from lack of trying, more and more people are not only learning about what is happening: they are seeing it with their own eyes.

The next point and it’s a biggie….. what if you cannot find a doctor to sign? Nothing in this bill states that a doctor must sign a paper allowing exemption and according to the new bill, without a signature you cannot get an exemption and therefore you child cannot attend school. This is where the mandatory vaccination line comes into play. Now follow along here…. Your child must attend school or you can be charged. If you cannot find a doctor to sign an exemption than your child cannot go to school, forcing you to have to vaccinate in order to gain attendance. Homeschooling is not an option because this bill also applies to homeschoolers. Since an increasing number of parents are now using chiropractors and naturopaths etc. and these doctors are not able to sign the exemption, they are left to seek out a doctor to sign. If no doctor in their area will sign (since it is a new trend to not allow unvaccinated patients in their offices) they have to travel in order to find one. What if this is not possible? Do they then have to go against their belief and vaccinate their child because, they have no other option. This is why parents are protesting this as mandatory vaccinating. They know all too well what their old doctors are like and how hard it will be just to say “no thanks, we’re good”

You all know my opinion; opt in not out!

I left the best part for last, because it’s something I noticed right away and here is why. With every new vaccine, drug or medical treatment; there is always a cost analysis to determine if it is viable to put to market. If a procedure costs more than it would profit, it is usually shelved. Vaccines are always checked to make sure that it is profitable and marketable. I saw this very early on when I started learning to read studies, so I noticed right away that there was some noting at the bottom of the bill, stating that any costs could be deferred and it got me thinking about how this bill could possibly be profitable. It didn’t take long of course, to see where the money was going to go and yes this bill will be making people money. Think about it.

Every parent in California, wishing to get a philosophical exemption will have to pay in order to receive one, because seeing a doctor there is not free, even for something that is mandatory.(this bill makes it mandatory to see a doctor in order to sign) Since it is being estimated by health care professionals that more people are getting exemptions and “putting people at risk” than it surely must be a lot of people right? All those people now having to pay for an exemption really adds up. Not only do they have to pay now but if their child is young, then they have to pay AGAIN when that child reaches grade 7. Next they’ll put in place a new bill making them return for another exemption for high school and it could go on like this. It’s obvious why they are doing this and it’s a very simple reasoning. Doctors are losing money and fast. Many people do not realize how many well baby appointments are recommended, all occurring when a vaccination is due. Not only are they paid for the visit but they make money on each vaccine given as well. If more people are not getting vaccinated and therefore not needing to go for well baby visits, then doctors are not receiving that money anymore. This new bill will ensure that, that money lost is partially made up, while also hoping that parents will crumble and give in to vaccines.

A final point of contention in this bill, that I nearly forgot to write about (it is 2am here) is that it sets precedent. I touched on before that people all over the globe are protesting on Dr. Pan’s facebook page and this is the reason why. If this passes, then more states will likely try to pass the same. Following in its footsteps could be other countries and that’s what worries people. Better to nip it in the bud now before we have a full out bloom that could eventually lead to a very real, very deadly and completely mandatory vaccination rule.

For now I am glad to be living in Ontario where all I have to do is pay $25 to get a form notarized and I don’t have to listen to someone less educated in vaccines than I, tell me that they are completely safe and nothing bad will happen to my child.

For now at least.

As Our Journey Continues Unleashed


               When we start this journey, be it life in general or a found purpose that sets you apart, that gives your life more meaning than the mundane one that most of us are living; we never expect to end up where we are. When I was first brought into this, I would never have imagined that it would take me here. In five years I’m sure to look back and think the same about this moment. The greatest thing about life is learning, discovering, exploring and of course experiencing.

If there is a beginning to all this, I’d have to say it started with experience as most things do and I, not being a person to lay down and not help, I started exploring. I spent years holed up learning and discovering, hours a day and sometimes whole nights lost to reading. The discoveries I made were not only profound but were also very upsetting; everywhere I looked I saw people that needed help and I saw almost every one of them, not getting it. It could’ve just ended there and yet, what they needed and the things that would help were easily obtained. I could see how easily these families could get the help and support they needed, I could even estimate that with FULL cooperation, kids could pass for “non-autistic” within 3 months and “fully healed” within a year. Of course its way more difficult to get to that point, there is so much unnecessary opposition it will make your head spin, I never once thought that I would be huge and make enormous change, but I did know that I had to do something; even on the smallest level possible. I couldn’t just sit around with the knowledge I had and not try to help.

There are several stages to this and as I go further into the rabbit hole, as I push for better support and more help, as I fight for personal rights and as I expand the help that I give; I come across new, informed and exciting individuals. I’ve mentioned a few already but there are countless others that I can only hope people will pay attention to.

The newest discovery of mine is Linderman Unleashed, after listening to the first segment I have to say; I am hooked. I loved the “tell it like it is attitude” that the show presents, as well as how relatable it is. The majority of families affected by autism are not celebrities, are not rich and do not have valuable resources at their fingertips. While the host of the show does have valuable resources available that is where the difference ends. They are everyday people, much like you and I, who have had an experience and have not just sat back and let it be. They don’t have tons of cash around to provide every therapy and treatment that would help, just as most families are. The best part though; there’s no holding back.

 I really got into the show, several times I found myself nodding my head in agreement, laughing because I’ve said the exact same things before and the comment about Obama’s wife had me clapping. You’re going to hear things that few are brave enough to say, some think about but would never vocalize and others wish they had thought of first. I found the show not only informative (also with the promise to continue to feature a lot of useful information) but also entertaining. Anyone can drone on about issues and some are even funny. This though…..this is good stuff.

Now don’t get the wrong idea here, I’m not saying; everyone flock and worship the “great Linderman” as some very uninformed  groups believe, that those who oppose vaccines, think that one Jenny McCarthy is the all-knowing goddess of all gods. No, I’m just saying check him out, listening to one of his segments and judge for yourself. This is one of those ‘love it or hate it’ shows. These are the types that get a lot of attention. Look at Alex Jones, you’re either in love with the stuff he does or think he is a crackpot that should be put away before everyone starts thinking for themselves again. It doesn’t matter which way it goes, the point is it excites passion, ignites discussion and brings matters to attention. We need more people talking about these issues, we need more people speaking honestly, blatantly and not worrying about ‘tripping over other people’s feelings’ when doing so. I’m sorry but it’s time to stop tip toeing around things and while I don’t think screaming the issues in people’s faces nor does getting angry and freaking out, solve anything; we need to stop pissing around and tell it like it is.

We have numbers around 1 in 30 kids succumbing to autism nowadays. Five years ago numbers were around 1 in 200. 1 in 200 is insane as it is, but 1 in 30 after only five years. What the hell is going on? Why is it that some parents know exactly what is happening but professionals sit for decades scratching their heads (asses) at this problem, looking at it from every angle but the obvious? We don’t have time to pussyfoot about things like pro-choice, pro-safety and whatever else can stray away from the words anti vaccine. Morons who do not know the issues are the ones using those words. We all need to give the middle finger and move on to the actual issues. We get caught up in these inner disputes that take away from sifting through and gathering information, that take away from pushing for proper research and that distract us from doing what really matters; helping our children. 

When Seeing IS Believing


This is going to be fun ladies an gentlemen. Sit back, grab some nachos and enjoy the show . . . . . This broadcast is brought to you in part today because of Gary Finnegan and his post at VaccinesToday. Feel free to go on over there and congratulate him on his epic fail. He really deserves it, you can see how much effort he put into this beautiful piece of Fail and what high regard he holds it in. So don’t be shy, go on down and let him know you appreciate his work in making a mockery out of doctors, nurses, the health care community and more importantly each and every person concerned about vaccines.

Why do some parents shun vaccination is a perfect example of a misleading headline. The reader will most likely think that this article will give some insight as to why parents are objecting to current vaccination schedules. However, being that Gary is clueless about any of this, he decides to promote an event instead. An event called the Fondation Merieux conference. This is basically a get together to think up new strategies to convince people that vaccines are the bees knees. I must truly thank Gary for bringing this to my attention because the tactics of the health care community are very interesting, to say the least. If you would like to know what this conference is about, feel free to pay them a visit HERE. It is quite an interesting read and gives you an idea of how these organizations do not care what concerns we have, what is actually happening, that we actually have a right to refuse and they make it quite clear that instead of giving us valid information, they are going to use behavioural tactics to sway us all into complying with their programs. How very dull and overdone. I’m sure the parents whose children have regressed or passed away, will be sure to line up after you have thoroughly used your mighty powers of psychology to persuade them; that what happened was just coincidence, that what they saw was just in their head and if they do not cooperate, their children and thousands of others….WILL DIE!!!!….because you didn’t vaccinate. Sure let’s believe that, let’s also believe that every unvaccinated child is a walking disease infested killer, that no one has ever been harmed by a vaccine, that there is no known cause of autism, that unicorns walk down wall st, Obama is a white dude and hates fried chicken, vaccinated people cannot get diseases, pig sprout wings when there are two moons in the sky, which occurs every week and Hitler loved everyone and died saving 30 orphans in a burning building. What is this world coming to seriously, first pizza is a vegetable and now we cannot be allowed to say no?

His article was shorter than the mini’s I own, so following in trampy style I will keep mine short as well.

“and if studies were all that were needed to re-instate confidence in a vaccine, we would not be experiencing outbreaks of measles and mumps across Europe.”

Studies are all that’s needed. It would be wonderful if they were actually done. There is no evidence that unvaccinated people are creating outbreaks of this nature. In fact these ‘outbreaks’ themselves are highly questionable.

“to go beyond traditional approaches to vaccine acceptance by drilling down into the science of behaviour and the psychology of decision-making.” 

I’m curious Gary, can you provide a list of the traditional approaches used because I swear I am missing some. So far I have, court forced, fear induced, threats, blatant lies and lack of information, lack of studies, threats, guilt, dismissal and….I know I’m missing one. Please get back to me, it’s going to bug me all day. Yes behavioural tactics. Make parents believe that their children will die guaranteed, if they refuse. Make them understand that sometimes, children have to be harmed for the greater good of us all

“Gone is the notion that filling in an information deficit will lead people to hold a positive view of vaccines.”

Hmmm you never did state why that was but that’s why I’m here Gary; to fill in the blanks. The notion is gone because no one could actually produce any information showing the safety and efficiency of vaccines. No one could produce a study that show vaccines don’t cause autism. No one could fill that, so they moved on to a new tactic.

“Gone too is the paternalistic attitude that saw scientists or authorities tell people what’s best for them.”

Of course it’s gone, what do you expect when you push a product that is based on theory alone and then deny, deny, deny when people start getting hurt. Geez, you’re like the guy who cheats and even when your girlfriend has read your phone and seen the messages, you still tell her she is reading into it wrong, or there’s no way that you would do this. We don’t trust you anymore, because that trust is buried beneath all the dead children, all the children harmed by things you told us would never hurt us, all the ill and diseased that would be happy and healthy today if they had not listened to you, if they had not obeyed.

“kicks with a lecture from journalist Brian Deer,
Anthropologists, psychologists, communications experts and leading vaccine industry figures will contribute to an in-depth discussion of how to meaningfully engage with the public on vaccination issues at such a critical time.”

I almost blew my cappuccino all over my screen when I saw this. Your enthusiasm at this part is profound Gary. I love reading your name by the way. It sounds like spongebob in my head and you being such a slug; it suits you well. I think we can all see what’s wrong here but just for the newbies I’ll do it quickly. You absolutely do not start of a conference of this kind with a reporter, one who is involved in a highly controversial matter and one with no other knowledge in this area. If Deer Brain here is your opener, I think I want to go just for free laughs; it’s always funny watching a system slowly crumble while it believes it’s stronger than ever. I understand that this is about coming up with head games to convince people to vaccinate but where are all the doctors? Should someone with health experience actually be here. A vaccine industry figure is someone for the company and not for health care, so let’s get that straight right away. Where are the heads of the health care community? You want to know how to meaningfully engage with the public on vaccination issues? Walk your ass outside and I’m sure a bunch of people will gladly tell you. It’s not rocket science. This is not Indiana Jones.

People have questions, ones that have been avoided and by the looks of it will continue to be avoided.

So while we sit here barely managing treatments, therapies, research time, work, family and everything else in life, those attending this conference will be enjoying boat trips, $100 lunches and hours of fun coming up with tactics to sway the public and make them consume the evil cookies.

Thank you Gary, your joke of an article has put me in a rather goofy mood; my children will be pleased when they awake.




Warriors Blacklisted

I try so hard to stick with articles and talk about issues in the autism community, without letting things become personal. Even after this post I’ll still be able to say that, but less heartily as I once could. In a way this is being taken personally, even though none of this is directed at me specifically, nor do I think I have even made it on; yet that wouldn’t matter. This is being directed at parents, people trying to treat autism and basically anyone who does not agree with what ‘self-proclaimed’ aspies say autism is. I’m not just talking about this Blacklist, this has been going on for some time and will continue to do so. I hold little hope for it being resolved anytime soon but I know there is common ground between us and real adults on the spectrum. I know this may seem harsh to just divide it to these two groups but that is what I’m discussing at this moment, so that is the division. This isn’t about vaccines…not really.

So you have one group; parents of children with autism who are trying to ‘cure/heal/treat’, whatever word is popular these days. Vocal, sometimes angry, mostly well-knowledged and completely well meaning; they are warriors, in all sense of the word.

Then we have the other – not limited to- self diagnosed aspies. They feel that by looking for a ‘cure’ or treating or even researching in the wrong directions; we are trying to create a pre-natal test, wipe them out, get rid of autistics everywhere and on and on.

No other ‘disability group’ have I seen that has this kind of drama; it’s like being back in highschool ( not like I was there most of the time anyway) but I sure as hell knew about the mentality that happens when you put too any people together for a length of time. So why is this so different than other groups. Why aren’t people with MS, cancer or diabetes fighting amongst each other?

How about a different perspective, we’ll shift the same type of disagreement over to the diabetes group. Type 1’S and type 2’s are going at it, one believes that they are the ‘true’ diabetic while the other is just ‘diabetic symptoms’ or ‘acquired diabetes’. One believes that diabetes is purely genetic (even after years of researching –and billions of wasted $’s- has shown this to be untrue), while the other believes that something is causing diabetes to happen and is screaming to the greater health care charges to look into it (they are even willing to provide as much information as possible and to participate in any tests required). One side is proud to be diabetic while the other just wants to be rid of all these horrible health issues accompanied with diabetes and live a life like they are supposed to – free to run, play and eat how they want-. Now suddenly the ‘proud’ ones think the ‘ill’ ones want to wipe them out, to take away their diabetes; by force if necessary.

See, isn’t that ridiculous? Yes I am making a mockery out of this because it is stupidity, plain and simple. Now we are wasting time dealing with this crap, creating groups, trying to shut down discriminating pages; yes we come together even more after one of these bouts, connecting to new people and all that but our energy is taken away from more productive means. Then there is the part causing me to become highly defensive regarding my children. See I’m a momma bear type, you get in my face or provoke me and I’ll deal with you in as light a manner as possible. Touch or offend my cubs and the oversized paws with huge skin shredding claws come out. Not a pretty picture and usually it doesn’t have any effect on me at all since people generally don’t say squat about my kids let alone offensive remarks. I’m not alone in this, other moms and dads are the same way and we would fight until our last breath for our child.

So there comes a point when enough is enough. We’ve been called crazy for believing we could treat our children, called horrible parents because we search for answers, been told that our children should be taken away, that they should be felt bad for, that they deserve better and that we are monsters, bullies, ‘like nazis’ and that we wish to eradicate the world of those with autism. All of them and also kill all babies that will possibly have autism, that will be tested by some imaginary means. Yes, I am trying to make a mockery of this in hopes that it quells my anger, because frankly; I’m right pissed off. This is no longer just some people who are so attached to the ‘my child was born this way and I would never change it, shame on you for thinking you should and trying to find a cure’, no this is becoming an outright attack on parents who are using all their energy to not only help their own but also help others as well as fight the system that is hindering these kids more than it’s helping.

You want it in black and white, here you go

  • These parents spend all their child’s waking hours working to earn money and/or caring and helping their children
  • They sacrifice their own time and luxuries to make sure that their children are living happy healthy lives
  • These children are not neglected nor are they under duress and they certainly are not being punished for stimming or other behaviours deemed weird by the general public
  • When these children are settled, sleeping, at school or busy with a lone activity; these parents spend that time researching, learning, helping and fighting for things that would benefit their children
  • They end up possibly losing friends, family and partners on their journey but they do it for the betterment of their kids
  • They spend countless hours worrying, planning and trying to figure out the puzzle
  • They also sit outside their kids bedroom door at night, marvelling over the profoundness of these kids, of the funny quirks, the courage and the love they have to give

These are not monsters doing experiments on their children. These are not people looking for some way to rid the world of all things autism. They are just trying to make their children healthy. Then the whole prenatal autism test. Seriously, there is no such thing and I highly doubt that there ever will be. You can keep going around trying to tell everyone that it is hereditary, that it’s in the genes but you have absolutely nothing to back that up. Let’s see, they’ve been looking at genes in regards to autism for what 30+ years now? Could be wrong; may only be twenty. What have they found, really? Over 100+ different combinations found only in those with autism. Hmmm, well that’s it folks, problem is solved. You heard it, all genes that are passed down and no way we, can do anything about it. So this test is, where exactly? Oh that’s right, you don’t know the specific gene, gene sequence or chromosome that is affected and therefore you cannot produce a test. But if by believing you that it is in fact hereditary, we should have no problem creating a test prenatally, since by your definition; we can already test now right? Of course this doesn’t make any sense. If autism was truly ‘passed down through generations’ we would have found ‘the markers’ by now. What’s the point in the end anyway, we don’t have the means to treat genes specifically.

Then again, everyone always misses the simple point; genes are the end result. They are like the crime scene; you can see how the victim was murdered, what surrounding areas were affected by the scuffle that ensued and yet; without the murder weapon, you cannot accurately solve the crime. Genes are affected by numerous things. They are turned off, on, can mutate and all that but they do not do it on their own. Your genes do not just ‘spontaneously mutate’ but rather are caused to do so. An outside force affects these genes and by looking at genes we can merely figure out which areas are being affected. We do not have the means to do more than that. We will never be able to create a prenatal test for autism like we have for DS. This is just not possible.

However, an after test is entirely possible but would be very flawed since not everyone under the umbrella is affected by means similar enough to measure; that I know of. There are a few tests that have been around; metal testing – all children I’ve heard of being tested, have tested high. I don’t know any adults that have had themselves tested. There is also a urine test developed – not sure if it’s widely used yet or not- that measures opiate levels and other levels – the drawback is that not every child with autism has the same problem with opiate foods and thus some will test negative and still undoubtably have autism. This isn’t even taking into consideration regression cases; I’m extremely curious as to how these children would test before and after regression. Of course the only recognized test for autism is based solely on behaviour and it will continue to be as long as people like those I mentioned earlier continue to chastise parents for seeking answers and trying to help.

It’s very frustrating to watch your child in pain and then have someone claiming to have Aspergers tell you how wonderful autism is, what great abilities it brings and how these health problems are just made up bologney that disgruntled parents made up. How autism is really just evolution and that all the super smart, slightly lonerish people have it, like Einstein, Bill Gates and the like. Yes sometimes parents can become overwhelmed by their situations and the main reason is the lack of support they receive because of these concepts being spewed by people who are literally self diagnosing themselves. I enjoy talking to people that really have Aspergers. We want alot of the same things and fight for a better understanding or what autism is and how people with autism are just that….people. I love hearing the firsthand experience of it and learning more about how my son may interpret things. These people also know that autism isn’t all flowers, neon lights and super brainiac abilities. Leave the sparkles and beads for the gay/lesbian parades and really look at the situation. What adults with Aspergers are experiencing IS different from what are children are. There are areas that cross over similarily but the children today seem to be affected worse or maybe the adults bodies have adapted over time. We don’t know and will not know as long as; individuals self diagnosing themselves, to be part of the smart people with abilities, that are more evolved than ‘neurotypical’ people, keep falsely crying bully every time a parent says autism is treatable.

That’s the gist anyway. Now there are ‘mobs’ and new classes of bullies. People are again reporting others because some disgruntled adult tells them that these individuals wish death on those with autism or some other similar, blatant lie. Then parents end up having CAS/CPS called or their homes are stalked, vandalized and just when does it end?

Is research being misguided because people still believe that it is strictly a brain or psychological problem? Is this in fighting distracting us from pushing for better laws, funding and resources for those with autism? Are children missing out on treatment because their parents are made to believe that there is absolutely no hope and that anyone who tries to give them, even a sliver of it; is made to look like a hater of those with autism, bent on trying to change their personalities, essentially take away who they are? Yes to all on many more. This isn’t just highschool name calling or some unconsequencial debating. This is attacking, detouring and ultimately holding us back more and more. Yes I could make it on the new list if I wanted to but it is already enough that I feel the need to waste my energy calling attention to this.

There of course is always a positive to negatives like this. If you are a parent of a child on the spectrum and are trying to help said child. This list will provide you with names of similar minded people, others who fight with every ounce they have to make the world a better place for their children and they are a valuble resource. So visit the page, add everyone on that list, report it then move on.

In the autism community there is always regression, it’s our ability to move past these that makes us the warriors that we are so aptly named

Freedom is Only an Idea

Freedom: exempt from external authority, interference, restriction, etc., as a person or one’s will, thought, choice, action, etc.; independent; unrestricted.


Land of the free, we have rights, we have choice, free speech, free will and all that jazz. Are you sure? Have you ever stepped back to look at the situation, take away the excuses for each issue/law/force and look at it as black and white as you can get?

We do not have freedom but a guise of it. We are allowed to walk around making as many small choices as we want to, we live in our own home where we believe that no one has the right to enter unless we deem it so – or a warrant is produced-, we believe in whatever religion-or none- that we wish, we raise our children by our decisions until they are old enough……. or so we thought.

How easy is it for CPS/CAS to come into your home and take away your child? You’re not doing anything wrong you say? Well frankly, that doesn’t matter anymore. There are so many stories of children being taken away from loving homes, put on drugs, sexually assaulted; only to have the decision overturned, maybe an apology and here’s your kids back, sorry we broke them. (I will sit down and gather them up to show how often and easily it happens)

Authorities are overstepping their boundaries when it comes to our children. Yes we need some sort of organization in place to help kids who are actually in troubled homes and need to go somewhere new. The places that they go need better monitoring because most seem like being in Tartarus. Parents have every right to raise their children and make proper decisions for them until they are old enough to do so themselves. We choose what they eat, what they learn, where they go and so on. We make the choice to have them vaccinated or not and should not be vilified for doing so. We make the choice whether to put them on drugs or not and should not have them taken away because we refuse to turn our kids into drooling zombies.

The States round up fast when it comes to things like this but it seems in Canada we are a little ‘slow to the ball’ and it makes me wonder how bad things really are here, when there’s no one speaking out.

So today I want you to meet Ayn. As of today she’s been away from her dad for 103 days. So what did he do? First question that comes up right, well he didn’t beat her, or sexually assault her; she wasn’t locked up in a room, neglected or the like. Her dad isn’t a drug user or drunk, but in the eyes of CPS he cannot possibly be able to handle 3 kids all by himself. So they “lightened his load” and took his daughter from him. She is in a foster home that does not properly care for her and pays a 15yr old to watch and administer “medication” to her.

So that leaves us with Warrior Dad or poorly monitored foster home of Tatarus. Hmmm I wonder which would be better for this sweet little girl. No doubt it will take countless more days for anything to be done and it is heartbreaking. While each day passes Ayn is slowly being lost. She is being medicated against her father’s wishes, is not allowed to see him and no one is listening.

What about when it happens to you? Have to put a lock on your sons door because he wanders, choose not to vaccinate because it is potentially harmful, refuse anti-psychotics for you 3yr old; they may come after you. Your “load may be too heavy” and your choices deemed unacceptable even if they are for the health of your children. The freedom of choice is slowly, slyly being taken away from us. Don’t believe the hype, fight for your right, fight for your freedom.



For more information on Ayn please also visit the Facebook Site and a special thanks to Jean Nicol for speaking out about this injustice

Please Pay Attention People


    How many people read the headline and move on? How many read the article without actually understanding it? A long time ago I work with a woman who was attending college and was at that time enrolled in media class. She learned many interesting things in that class about commercials, TV, movies and news reports; she shared a lot of interesting things with me. I have to thank her, for it helped me a lot when it came to understanding studies and stirring my interest in anthology, sociology and psychology.

    So are we hearing more and more about the HPV vaccine because it’s just the next one on the ‘anti-vaxxers’ list? Of course that’s what you’ll hear or something to the same effect. Observations speak a different story I’m afraid and I’m sure someone could easily put together the data to prove it.

With all the eyes turned towards the vaccine autism area, HPV slowly came out and was being offered in schools. Yes there were a few nods its way, but it wasn’t even a whisper against the pro and anti sides fighting, with fence sitters up high watching the circus it was becoming. What an image. There has been some good come of all the fighting, these ‘fence sitters’ and even some that were on the pro side are paying attention more. They are seeing things they would’ve once missed and they are also learning (by example) how to speak out about what they’ve observed. So when young girls started having reactions to the HPV vaccine, parents, family and even friends; reported it, opened their mouths, made videos, wrote blogs and started campaigns. What was once a nod became a full on head turning and information was being gathered about everything HPV.

A pot of water will continue boiling until the water runs dry. It isn’t until the house catches fire that someone notices the burner left on.

So enough of that, let’s get on to the next article


“In most people, HPV is harmless: The immune system fights it off. But in some people, for unknown reasons, the viruses persist and can cause cancer. ”

Should we use a ‘tactic’ here and point out the word most. Like one side says ‘adverse reactions are rare, for most people vaccines are harmless therefore everyone should get them’. If HPV is harmless in most people then, most people do not need to bother getting the HPV vaccine. Correct? Maybe it should be available for those who feel themselves to be ‘at high risk’ for acquiring HPV instead of being ‘recommended’ for all.

If you’re going to take anything out of this it should be that; HPV does not commonly cause cancer. It is also good to know that even if HPV is common among people, it usually clears all by itself without any harmful side effects.


“Many scientists think that the vaccine can prevent those diseases as well. ”

Making assumptions only passes along false information and this can have a harmful effect. This vaccine treats HPV, to profess that it treats cancer of any kind is in fact false information.


“This vaccine has been portrayed as ‘the sex vaccine,’ ”

Wrong, it’s portrayed as a highly dangerous vaccine. The concern that this will allow or even promote their children to have sex or lots of it, is not at the top of the list. Their children possibly dying, permanently injured or unable to have children is the number one concern, period.


“Family doctors were negotiating with reluctant, confused parents”

Instead of ‘negotiating’ with parents deemed reluctant, they should be addressing their concerns and accepting whatever decision they choose to make. Too many times do I hear doctors getting irritated that their patients are asking questions about vaccines. Too effin bad, that is your job. You are responsible for thoroughly explaining any medical procedure before administering to a patient. The patient should be fully aware of all possible benefits and side effects. If a patient has concerns, you are not doing your job. If you do not properly address those concerns, you are continuing to no do your job.


“There’s probably no reason why it should be 11 or 12, as opposed to 5 or 6 or even birth,” Dr. Willoughby said. “If it were being given in kindergarten, I don’t think would be an adherence problem.”

Easily justified like the Hep B vaccine and love how it isn’t even considered a choice anymore, it is an adherence problem. The solution to parents concerns? Give the vaccine sooner that should squash their fears. Further worry that it won’t last long enough to be effective? We can always make boosters. Doesn’t anyone else see how ridiculous this is becoming? There are no safety studies for giving this vaccine to children that young. With so many concerns already raised, shouldn’t we be taking a little more pre-caution?


“But medical groups like the pediatrics academy have not recommended it”

Hmmm, I wonder why this is. Perhaps they know as well as us paying attention, that there is no plausible need to ‘recommend’ this vaccine. Maybe they are waiting on proper safety studies, investigation into reaction claims or they know that HPV is not deadly enough to purport a recommendation to the general population.


“Several hundred thousand women a year in the United States need surgery for precancerous lesions caused by the virus, and many more are treated for other cervical abnormalities linked to the infection.”

So instead of correcting one problem we just decide to make a vaccine instead. Obviously our surgical procedures need to be re-examined if more and more patients are acquiring infection after the fact. I wonder where they get their stats from since it was stated that only a few women develop cancer from this virus. If several hundred being affected is cause enough for a vaccine, then you would think the several hundred thousand claims of regression into autism by vaccines would warrant proper investigation, at the very least.


“The vaccines could prevent many of those cases and spare women the surgery, which can be painful and nerve-racking, and may impair a woman’s ability to carry a pregnancy to full term, Dr. Saslow said.

Have any numbers on that ‘may impair’ because it probably won’t be too difficult to pull numbers from ‘may be infertile due to HPV vaccination’ for a comparison of risk vs benefit since I know how that’s a ‘big thing’ for some groups. Also it really isn’t stated whether the impairment of a woman’s ability to carry a pregnancy full term is due to the virus or the simple fact that surgery is looking more and more dangerous. This should prompt us to re-assess our surgical procedures. Maybe this is a man made problem that is occurring and has nothing to do with HPV at all. I cannot say for certain since I have absolutely no clue where this doctor is pulling this information from.


“The most common side effect is a sore arm from the shot. Though fainting has been reported, Dr. Jackson said that teenagers were more likely than younger children to faint after any injection.”

Of course that is the most common side effect being reported, when no one is looking into the thousand of reported side effects. Not sure about you guys but I personally don’t recall any of my teenage classmates fainting when we received our hep B in grade 7. I am shocked that people are actually falling for this bullshit excuse they are using for all these girls fainting. It resolves them from actually thoroughly examining what is going on. It’s time for ‘health authorities’ to stop dismissing our concerns.


“She worried about whether the vaccine was safe. As a Roman Catholic who believes in abstinence until marriage, she also wondered whether the vaccine would somehow send the wrong message, and act as “a gateway for young women to think they have sexual freedom.” Ms. Boettiger, a nursing student, found reassurance in the endorsement of the vaccine by the disease centers and other medical groups, and in its acceptance by the National Catholic Bioethics Center. Her father and her husband, the girls’ father, both died of cancer. “Our family suffered a loss from cancer,” she said. “It is not a battle I want to fight anytime soon.” She has had her two older daughters vaccinated, and will do the same for the youngest. ”

This woman was worried about the safety of the vaccine but constant reassurance from the health care system and the vaccine’s strong yet very false message of cancer preventer; made her change her mind. Will she regret this decision in the future? We’ll have to wait and see. Some mothers have and some have yet to determine either way, because one side effect being claimed is infertility/inability to conceive. This side effect will take awhile to be seen on a large scale if it exists, because with vaccination occurring so young (and suggested even younger) we will not know until these girls decide to try and conceive. Thinking hypothetically, if this were true even to some degree and we were to vaccinate for hpv at birth, the consequences have a possibility of being quite large. If her daughters do react to this vaccine, I wish her the best of luck because no one will take responsibility, no one will help and you are basically on your own in dealing with whatever reaction occurs.


Whatever you do, please make sure you check out every study, every story and question your doctor until you are fully satisfied one way or the other. Do not let anyone ‘brush over’ or dismiss your questions, do not allow yourself to be ‘pushed into’ anything and if it doesn’t ‘feel right’; trust your instincts.












The Ever Expanding Loss of Information

    News reports have such conflicting information. You read stories like I’ve previously pointed out about how more and more children are going unvaccinated and spreading disease. Then on another article you read about a mumps outbreak where “of New Jersey cases, 77 percent were vaccinated”. You have parents wondering how their child could possibly be infected when they were fully vaccinated. Yes, we know that vaccines are not 100% but apparently these parents do not. Why is this? Is it the big gaping hole in our health care system when it comes to vaccines? Obviously parents aren’t being fully informed about vaccines. In some places it is required to give a hand out to parents, about the vaccines that their children are receiving. The information listed on these sheets are very limited, usually citing on average four side effects and thoroughly hyping up the wonderful magic of vaccines. Honestly though, how many of you have even seen one of these sheets, how many of your doctors have actually discussed vaccines in detail before you or your children receive them and how many of you were ASKED whether you would like them or not? Vaccines should be opt-in not opt-out.

    I read a lot of these news reports, basically anything that comes my way or that I find on my own and besides a lot of similar tactics there is also a common lack of information. One thing that rarely appears in any of the articles regarding ‘outbreaks’ is how many infected were vaccinated vs unvaccinated; you would think that with ‘them’ going around touting that “unvaccinated kids are spreading disease”, they would proudly display these numbers. This day and age everyone has records of their vaccinations and since it’s becoming much more difficult to opt-out or more frequently ‘recommended’ to receive, people usually keep them close at hand. The public should be made aware of these numbers, obviously health care heads are keeping track and if they aren’t? Then we are in a world of hurt and we need to re-establish our health care system.

    Obviously it’s not talked about in this article (since there is rarely hospitalization of mumps) but articles usually stress the numbers of hospitalizations due to ‘outbreaks’. They rarely ever tell you what individuals are actually hospitalized for. Do a lot of digging and you can find the answer; scared parents, doctors who turn people towards the hospital because they don’t know how to deal with a particular disease or their inability to diagnose it properly, fever or dehydration. Having that knowledge changes your perspective of such articles. Yes disease can have devastating results, it happens very rarely but it does in fact happen. The problem is that in most general cases of infection, the facts are stretched. Say for instance, a child contracts measles and ends up in the hospital. This child is in the hospital because he is dehydrated, he was sick and his body uses more fluids than usual, thus if he doesn’t consume more liquids than usual he will become dehydrated. This isn’t exactly a hospitalization due to mumps but of course it will be listed as so or stated as so in whatever article will cover the story.

    Another of the biggest factors not mentioned in articles, is prevention leading up to infection and also during. With everyone relying on vaccination they no longer bother to know sign or symptoms of the things they vaccinate for. They don’t expect their child to come down with something they vaccinate for because most truly believe that if you vaccinate then you do not have to worry. Take the chicken pox vaccine for instance. Three reasons why parents choose to give this to their child; it’s on the ‘recommended’ schedule and/or never knew there was an option not to receive it, it is much easier than having to deal with a child infected with chicken pox and my child could/will possibly DIE if I don’t vaccinate for this now deemed deadly disease. It’s like the whole deal with combination shots; it’s cheaper and so much easier for parents to only have to come in for say 5 appointments as opposed to 20 (not real numbers but you get the picture). Parents just are not concerned because they put all their faith in vaccines.

So an infected child/adult could go around spreading this disease to others without knowing the implications of such. The next stage of prevention would be when said infected person visits the doctor or hospital. As we are starting to see; doctors and hospitals have also relied on vaccination so much that they usually cannot diagnose diseases we are seeing, properly at first visit. This in turn causes further spreading and also the disease goes untreated in the individual. The next step of prevention is more after the fact. What do we now do with this ‘outbreak’ and how do we stop it in the future. Most places do not have proper quarantine procedures in place or since they are hardly used, usually go unimplemented. The future looks equally bleak because the answer is usually the same; give them more vaccines.

Outbreak of measles you say? Most of them vaccinated you say? Well we can’t have our children getting sick. Here is a solution that is sure to stop this from happening again. Give them another round or two of vaccines. Don’t believe me, start reading the paper. After a number of’ outbreaks’ a push goes through the schools to vaccinate children. This is the only solution they have and that is very dangerous. We are not prepared to deal with a mass outbreak of something that a vaccine no longer ‘controls’ or stops from spreading. Our backup plan for a vaccine failure is more vaccines, already infected give a vaccine, likely exposed give a vaccine and even if your chances are.0000001% of infection, yep get a vaccine. We are setting ourselves up for disaster by not looking at alternatives or permanent means to deal with disease. Remember vaccines are all about PREVENTION; they have no place in actually dealing with disease. They are basically a ‘wash away’, let’s just sweep measles under the rug there and we won’t have to think about it anymore. There’s only so much you can sweep under a rug before the dirt starts to leak out.

Labels, Ingredients and Amount

It’s not so much that people are starting to look at labels more, like it’s some new fad that everyone’s neighbour is doing. No, in reality it’s that we distrust what is going into our products and/or we have sensitivities, allergies or other health conditions that prevent us from consuming some or even most products available at the average grocery store.

People are slowly paying attention, they are realizing that they really don’t know much about what’s in the food they consume or how it’s prepared, shipped and sometimes even where it came from.

We know that organic is better, but are now realizing that just because it says organic, it may not be.

It doesn’t start or even end with our food.

Since this is an autism/vaccine blog I’ll relate it to that, but it applies to many other things as well.

A substance at certain levels –doses, quantity, (take your pick)- tests as dangerous, deadly or otherwise will make us very ill. If you reduce that amount the resulting reaction will not test the same. It could be considered less dangerous or in the short term / physically appear to be safe and therefore becomes the recommended level. This of course should change if it is discovered that the recommendation is in fact not safe and should be taken very seriously when put into question by numerous people.

Unfortunately this recommendation is based on a one shot/one substance exposure.

But so what right? What does it matter since the amount is safe and it’s not like you’re going to get exposed to said substance enough times to even matter and doesn’t our bodies just clear that all out anyway?

You know it probably wouldn’t matter, wouldn’t have even come into question, just like what’s in our food, until we had to.

The concern basically is accumulative amount. It’s not that complicated to understand so it’s a wonder why this concern is clearly being dismissed instead of honestly being looked into.

We know that through testing of umbilical cords after birth that are babies are being exposed to more chemicals than before and that they are in fact passing through the placenta. You add in the possible “direct exposure” like rhogam, flu and other shots. Antibiotics, prenatal vitamins and other products that may have to be taken during pregnancy should be accounted for as well. Very shortly after a baby is born – depending on where you are mind you – they receive neonatal eye care, hep b and a vitamin k shot. Then begins the vaccination schedule that most commonly is –please correct me if I’m wrong – 1-3 shots, consisting of single or combo, fighting 4-8 “vaccine preventable diseases” in one sitting, that usually happens at 2, 4, 6, 12, 18 and 24mths to start with. I don’t need to lay out the whole schedule since I think you get the picture.

Again, who cares right, since the body has a function that removes toxins and all that.

That’s true….to a degree.

We honestly don’t know for sure how much our bodies can handle at one time, but this is only part of the concern. The concern is children who have difficulty or cannot expel certain substances from their bodies like you or I.


Well that is still in debate and until we know why, we should be taking precautions or at least even looking into the issue.

Is it possible to test children before, during or after vaccination to make sure it is safe for them?

Can an alternate schedule or even alternate way of vaccination be made available to at risk children?

Can we change the recommendation to stop risk to more children?

These are the questions that our “Health Care Superiors” should be asking. Instead of placing their focus on trying to sway non-vaxxers and people with questions about vaccines and instead of pretending to address concerns, they should be addressing them properly so that people can actually feel safe and comfortable with vaccinating or not vaccinating.

Whether you choose to vaccinate or not; doing so blindly is only going to hurt you and others.