Please Pay Attention People


    How many people read the headline and move on? How many read the article without actually understanding it? A long time ago I work with a woman who was attending college and was at that time enrolled in media class. She learned many interesting things in that class about commercials, TV, movies and news reports; she shared a lot of interesting things with me. I have to thank her, for it helped me a lot when it came to understanding studies and stirring my interest in anthology, sociology and psychology.

    So are we hearing more and more about the HPV vaccine because it’s just the next one on the ‘anti-vaxxers’ list? Of course that’s what you’ll hear or something to the same effect. Observations speak a different story I’m afraid and I’m sure someone could easily put together the data to prove it.

With all the eyes turned towards the vaccine autism area, HPV slowly came out and was being offered in schools. Yes there were a few nods its way, but it wasn’t even a whisper against the pro and anti sides fighting, with fence sitters up high watching the circus it was becoming. What an image. There has been some good come of all the fighting, these ‘fence sitters’ and even some that were on the pro side are paying attention more. They are seeing things they would’ve once missed and they are also learning (by example) how to speak out about what they’ve observed. So when young girls started having reactions to the HPV vaccine, parents, family and even friends; reported it, opened their mouths, made videos, wrote blogs and started campaigns. What was once a nod became a full on head turning and information was being gathered about everything HPV.

A pot of water will continue boiling until the water runs dry. It isn’t until the house catches fire that someone notices the burner left on.

So enough of that, let’s get on to the next article


“In most people, HPV is harmless: The immune system fights it off. But in some people, for unknown reasons, the viruses persist and can cause cancer. ”

Should we use a ‘tactic’ here and point out the word most. Like one side says ‘adverse reactions are rare, for most people vaccines are harmless therefore everyone should get them’. If HPV is harmless in most people then, most people do not need to bother getting the HPV vaccine. Correct? Maybe it should be available for those who feel themselves to be ‘at high risk’ for acquiring HPV instead of being ‘recommended’ for all.

If you’re going to take anything out of this it should be that; HPV does not commonly cause cancer. It is also good to know that even if HPV is common among people, it usually clears all by itself without any harmful side effects.


“Many scientists think that the vaccine can prevent those diseases as well. ”

Making assumptions only passes along false information and this can have a harmful effect. This vaccine treats HPV, to profess that it treats cancer of any kind is in fact false information.


“This vaccine has been portrayed as ‘the sex vaccine,’ ”

Wrong, it’s portrayed as a highly dangerous vaccine. The concern that this will allow or even promote their children to have sex or lots of it, is not at the top of the list. Their children possibly dying, permanently injured or unable to have children is the number one concern, period.


“Family doctors were negotiating with reluctant, confused parents”

Instead of ‘negotiating’ with parents deemed reluctant, they should be addressing their concerns and accepting whatever decision they choose to make. Too many times do I hear doctors getting irritated that their patients are asking questions about vaccines. Too effin bad, that is your job. You are responsible for thoroughly explaining any medical procedure before administering to a patient. The patient should be fully aware of all possible benefits and side effects. If a patient has concerns, you are not doing your job. If you do not properly address those concerns, you are continuing to no do your job.


“There’s probably no reason why it should be 11 or 12, as opposed to 5 or 6 or even birth,” Dr. Willoughby said. “If it were being given in kindergarten, I don’t think would be an adherence problem.”

Easily justified like the Hep B vaccine and love how it isn’t even considered a choice anymore, it is an adherence problem. The solution to parents concerns? Give the vaccine sooner that should squash their fears. Further worry that it won’t last long enough to be effective? We can always make boosters. Doesn’t anyone else see how ridiculous this is becoming? There are no safety studies for giving this vaccine to children that young. With so many concerns already raised, shouldn’t we be taking a little more pre-caution?


“But medical groups like the pediatrics academy have not recommended it”

Hmmm, I wonder why this is. Perhaps they know as well as us paying attention, that there is no plausible need to ‘recommend’ this vaccine. Maybe they are waiting on proper safety studies, investigation into reaction claims or they know that HPV is not deadly enough to purport a recommendation to the general population.


“Several hundred thousand women a year in the United States need surgery for precancerous lesions caused by the virus, and many more are treated for other cervical abnormalities linked to the infection.”

So instead of correcting one problem we just decide to make a vaccine instead. Obviously our surgical procedures need to be re-examined if more and more patients are acquiring infection after the fact. I wonder where they get their stats from since it was stated that only a few women develop cancer from this virus. If several hundred being affected is cause enough for a vaccine, then you would think the several hundred thousand claims of regression into autism by vaccines would warrant proper investigation, at the very least.


“The vaccines could prevent many of those cases and spare women the surgery, which can be painful and nerve-racking, and may impair a woman’s ability to carry a pregnancy to full term, Dr. Saslow said.

Have any numbers on that ‘may impair’ because it probably won’t be too difficult to pull numbers from ‘may be infertile due to HPV vaccination’ for a comparison of risk vs benefit since I know how that’s a ‘big thing’ for some groups. Also it really isn’t stated whether the impairment of a woman’s ability to carry a pregnancy full term is due to the virus or the simple fact that surgery is looking more and more dangerous. This should prompt us to re-assess our surgical procedures. Maybe this is a man made problem that is occurring and has nothing to do with HPV at all. I cannot say for certain since I have absolutely no clue where this doctor is pulling this information from.


“The most common side effect is a sore arm from the shot. Though fainting has been reported, Dr. Jackson said that teenagers were more likely than younger children to faint after any injection.”

Of course that is the most common side effect being reported, when no one is looking into the thousand of reported side effects. Not sure about you guys but I personally don’t recall any of my teenage classmates fainting when we received our hep B in grade 7. I am shocked that people are actually falling for this bullshit excuse they are using for all these girls fainting. It resolves them from actually thoroughly examining what is going on. It’s time for ‘health authorities’ to stop dismissing our concerns.


“She worried about whether the vaccine was safe. As a Roman Catholic who believes in abstinence until marriage, she also wondered whether the vaccine would somehow send the wrong message, and act as “a gateway for young women to think they have sexual freedom.” Ms. Boettiger, a nursing student, found reassurance in the endorsement of the vaccine by the disease centers and other medical groups, and in its acceptance by the National Catholic Bioethics Center. Her father and her husband, the girls’ father, both died of cancer. “Our family suffered a loss from cancer,” she said. “It is not a battle I want to fight anytime soon.” She has had her two older daughters vaccinated, and will do the same for the youngest. ”

This woman was worried about the safety of the vaccine but constant reassurance from the health care system and the vaccine’s strong yet very false message of cancer preventer; made her change her mind. Will she regret this decision in the future? We’ll have to wait and see. Some mothers have and some have yet to determine either way, because one side effect being claimed is infertility/inability to conceive. This side effect will take awhile to be seen on a large scale if it exists, because with vaccination occurring so young (and suggested even younger) we will not know until these girls decide to try and conceive. Thinking hypothetically, if this were true even to some degree and we were to vaccinate for hpv at birth, the consequences have a possibility of being quite large. If her daughters do react to this vaccine, I wish her the best of luck because no one will take responsibility, no one will help and you are basically on your own in dealing with whatever reaction occurs.


Whatever you do, please make sure you check out every study, every story and question your doctor until you are fully satisfied one way or the other. Do not let anyone ‘brush over’ or dismiss your questions, do not allow yourself to be ‘pushed into’ anything and if it doesn’t ‘feel right’; trust your instincts.












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