When Seeing IS Believing


This is going to be fun ladies an gentlemen. Sit back, grab some nachos and enjoy the show . . . . . This broadcast is brought to you in part today because of Gary Finnegan and his post at VaccinesToday. Feel free to go on over there and congratulate him on his epic fail. He really deserves it, you can see how much effort he put into this beautiful piece of Fail and what high regard he holds it in. So don’t be shy, go on down and let him know you appreciate his work in making a mockery out of doctors, nurses, the health care community and more importantly each and every person concerned about vaccines.

Why do some parents shun vaccination is a perfect example of a misleading headline. The reader will most likely think that this article will give some insight as to why parents are objecting to current vaccination schedules. However, being that Gary is clueless about any of this, he decides to promote an event instead. An event called the Fondation Merieux conference. This is basically a get together to think up new strategies to convince people that vaccines are the bees knees. I must truly thank Gary for bringing this to my attention because the tactics of the health care community are very interesting, to say the least. If you would like to know what this conference is about, feel free to pay them a visit HERE. It is quite an interesting read and gives you an idea of how these organizations do not care what concerns we have, what is actually happening, that we actually have a right to refuse and they make it quite clear that instead of giving us valid information, they are going to use behavioural tactics to sway us all into complying with their programs. How very dull and overdone. I’m sure the parents whose children have regressed or passed away, will be sure to line up after you have thoroughly used your mighty powers of psychology to persuade them; that what happened was just coincidence, that what they saw was just in their head and if they do not cooperate, their children and thousands of others….WILL DIE!!!!….because you didn’t vaccinate. Sure let’s believe that, let’s also believe that every unvaccinated child is a walking disease infested killer, that no one has ever been harmed by a vaccine, that there is no known cause of autism, that unicorns walk down wall st, Obama is a white dude and hates fried chicken, vaccinated people cannot get diseases, pig sprout wings when there are two moons in the sky, which occurs every week and Hitler loved everyone and died saving 30 orphans in a burning building. What is this world coming to seriously, first pizza is a vegetable and now we cannot be allowed to say no?

His article was shorter than the mini’s I own, so following in trampy style I will keep mine short as well.

“and if studies were all that were needed to re-instate confidence in a vaccine, we would not be experiencing outbreaks of measles and mumps across Europe.”

Studies are all that’s needed. It would be wonderful if they were actually done. There is no evidence that unvaccinated people are creating outbreaks of this nature. In fact these ‘outbreaks’ themselves are highly questionable.

“to go beyond traditional approaches to vaccine acceptance by drilling down into the science of behaviour and the psychology of decision-making.” 

I’m curious Gary, can you provide a list of the traditional approaches used because I swear I am missing some. So far I have, court forced, fear induced, threats, blatant lies and lack of information, lack of studies, threats, guilt, dismissal and….I know I’m missing one. Please get back to me, it’s going to bug me all day. Yes behavioural tactics. Make parents believe that their children will die guaranteed, if they refuse. Make them understand that sometimes, children have to be harmed for the greater good of us all

“Gone is the notion that filling in an information deficit will lead people to hold a positive view of vaccines.”

Hmmm you never did state why that was but that’s why I’m here Gary; to fill in the blanks. The notion is gone because no one could actually produce any information showing the safety and efficiency of vaccines. No one could produce a study that show vaccines don’t cause autism. No one could fill that, so they moved on to a new tactic.

“Gone too is the paternalistic attitude that saw scientists or authorities tell people what’s best for them.”

Of course it’s gone, what do you expect when you push a product that is based on theory alone and then deny, deny, deny when people start getting hurt. Geez, you’re like the guy who cheats and even when your girlfriend has read your phone and seen the messages, you still tell her she is reading into it wrong, or there’s no way that you would do this. We don’t trust you anymore, because that trust is buried beneath all the dead children, all the children harmed by things you told us would never hurt us, all the ill and diseased that would be happy and healthy today if they had not listened to you, if they had not obeyed.

“kicks with a lecture from journalist Brian Deer,
Anthropologists, psychologists, communications experts and leading vaccine industry figures will contribute to an in-depth discussion of how to meaningfully engage with the public on vaccination issues at such a critical time.”

I almost blew my cappuccino all over my screen when I saw this. Your enthusiasm at this part is profound Gary. I love reading your name by the way. It sounds like spongebob in my head and you being such a slug; it suits you well. I think we can all see what’s wrong here but just for the newbies I’ll do it quickly. You absolutely do not start of a conference of this kind with a reporter, one who is involved in a highly controversial matter and one with no other knowledge in this area. If Deer Brain here is your opener, I think I want to go just for free laughs; it’s always funny watching a system slowly crumble while it believes it’s stronger than ever. I understand that this is about coming up with head games to convince people to vaccinate but where are all the doctors? Should someone with health experience actually be here. A vaccine industry figure is someone for the company and not for health care, so let’s get that straight right away. Where are the heads of the health care community? You want to know how to meaningfully engage with the public on vaccination issues? Walk your ass outside and I’m sure a bunch of people will gladly tell you. It’s not rocket science. This is not Indiana Jones.

People have questions, ones that have been avoided and by the looks of it will continue to be avoided.

So while we sit here barely managing treatments, therapies, research time, work, family and everything else in life, those attending this conference will be enjoying boat trips, $100 lunches and hours of fun coming up with tactics to sway the public and make them consume the evil cookies.

Thank you Gary, your joke of an article has put me in a rather goofy mood; my children will be pleased when they awake.




2 responses to “When Seeing IS Believing

  1. LOL – oh, you gave me a nice little chuckle. Thank you for that. I did very much enjoy myself, though not enough to read the whole article because I reached a factual misrepresentation…oh, actually, I’ll call it what it really was – B.S.

    Studies have been done…over and over…the anti-vaccine community just doesn’t want to accept them because they’ve been screaming that it’s the shots for so long they don’t want to concede the point and admit they’re wrong.

    They can almost always trace an outbreak back to an unvaccinated individual. Any amount of time spent on the CDC web site will show you that.

    Vaccination rates have dropped and autism rates go up. Hmmm…

    Vaccination rates drop and suddenly we have pertussis outbreaks. Gee…I wonder if there’s a connection…

    Your argument is flawed, at best. You need to read real scientific data related to vaccines instead of the overly emotional ramblings of Jenny McCarthy.

    • Thank you for your comment; I equally had a little chuckle at your name. Being “always sick” is a problem amongst a majority of people, mainly because of how we “treat” what ails us.

      I think it would be beneficial for you to read an article all the way through – mine or any others- because this is where a lot of confusion seems to happen to people. The headline of an article/study can be very misleading to the actual information that is in said article. The same goes for the first paragraph of an article or abstract of a study. When you actually go through and read an article, then fact check; you will get the full picture instead of purely the opinion of those writing. If you wanted to gather further information, writing to them is a very good idea as well. For example; I’ve gathered more information by writing to the CDC and scientists or doctors that were the “heads” of studies than I had by reading books surrounding the same topics.

      You stated that you reached a factual misrepresentation; could you please show where in my article that was?

      You stated that studies have been done. Please, could you explain further; I discuss several topics of studies in my blog and am unsure which you are referring to. Also could you provide the names of these studies in which you are referring to.

      I spend several hours a week monitoring the CDC sites, could you please direct me to which (links?) you are referring to because I’ve never came across an article showing, without merely speculation, that an “outbreak” started with an unvaccinated individual. If you read the news you will find that the higher percentage of those affected by an “outbreak” are vaccinated individuals.

      You stated vaccination rates go down and autism rates go up. I’m sorry but I don’t see the point trying to be proven in this statement. If you actually understood autism then you would know that this statement does not prove nor disprove anything. As well could you please provide the study/article/etc. that shows this.

      Your statement: Vaccination rates drop and suddenly we have pertussis outbreaks …. This is actually false. A very recent report shows that since the huge push for dtap vaccination, “outbreaks” of Pertussis have increased dramatically.

      In response to your last statement. . . . Could you please indicate which argument, again I discuss a lot of news articles on different topics.
      As well I do read real scientific articles. Is there a place that deems fake one’s, does such thing as a fake study actually exist and yes Jenny McCarthy is a popular icon amongst the boys and her books are comical in there writing, but I do hope that no one is taking what one person says as fact, without actually looking into such issues as she discusses on their own.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. I hope to hear back from you so we can continue this discussion further


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