The Ever Expanding Loss of Information

    News reports have such conflicting information. You read stories like I’ve previously pointed out about how more and more children are going unvaccinated and spreading disease. Then on another article you read about a mumps outbreak where “of New Jersey cases, 77 percent were vaccinated”. You have parents wondering how their child could possibly be infected when they were fully vaccinated. Yes, we know that vaccines are not 100% but apparently these parents do not. Why is this? Is it the big gaping hole in our health care system when it comes to vaccines? Obviously parents aren’t being fully informed about vaccines. In some places it is required to give a hand out to parents, about the vaccines that their children are receiving. The information listed on these sheets are very limited, usually citing on average four side effects and thoroughly hyping up the wonderful magic of vaccines. Honestly though, how many of you have even seen one of these sheets, how many of your doctors have actually discussed vaccines in detail before you or your children receive them and how many of you were ASKED whether you would like them or not? Vaccines should be opt-in not opt-out.

    I read a lot of these news reports, basically anything that comes my way or that I find on my own and besides a lot of similar tactics there is also a common lack of information. One thing that rarely appears in any of the articles regarding ‘outbreaks’ is how many infected were vaccinated vs unvaccinated; you would think that with ‘them’ going around touting that “unvaccinated kids are spreading disease”, they would proudly display these numbers. This day and age everyone has records of their vaccinations and since it’s becoming much more difficult to opt-out or more frequently ‘recommended’ to receive, people usually keep them close at hand. The public should be made aware of these numbers, obviously health care heads are keeping track and if they aren’t? Then we are in a world of hurt and we need to re-establish our health care system.

    Obviously it’s not talked about in this article (since there is rarely hospitalization of mumps) but articles usually stress the numbers of hospitalizations due to ‘outbreaks’. They rarely ever tell you what individuals are actually hospitalized for. Do a lot of digging and you can find the answer; scared parents, doctors who turn people towards the hospital because they don’t know how to deal with a particular disease or their inability to diagnose it properly, fever or dehydration. Having that knowledge changes your perspective of such articles. Yes disease can have devastating results, it happens very rarely but it does in fact happen. The problem is that in most general cases of infection, the facts are stretched. Say for instance, a child contracts measles and ends up in the hospital. This child is in the hospital because he is dehydrated, he was sick and his body uses more fluids than usual, thus if he doesn’t consume more liquids than usual he will become dehydrated. This isn’t exactly a hospitalization due to mumps but of course it will be listed as so or stated as so in whatever article will cover the story.

    Another of the biggest factors not mentioned in articles, is prevention leading up to infection and also during. With everyone relying on vaccination they no longer bother to know sign or symptoms of the things they vaccinate for. They don’t expect their child to come down with something they vaccinate for because most truly believe that if you vaccinate then you do not have to worry. Take the chicken pox vaccine for instance. Three reasons why parents choose to give this to their child; it’s on the ‘recommended’ schedule and/or never knew there was an option not to receive it, it is much easier than having to deal with a child infected with chicken pox and my child could/will possibly DIE if I don’t vaccinate for this now deemed deadly disease. It’s like the whole deal with combination shots; it’s cheaper and so much easier for parents to only have to come in for say 5 appointments as opposed to 20 (not real numbers but you get the picture). Parents just are not concerned because they put all their faith in vaccines.

So an infected child/adult could go around spreading this disease to others without knowing the implications of such. The next stage of prevention would be when said infected person visits the doctor or hospital. As we are starting to see; doctors and hospitals have also relied on vaccination so much that they usually cannot diagnose diseases we are seeing, properly at first visit. This in turn causes further spreading and also the disease goes untreated in the individual. The next step of prevention is more after the fact. What do we now do with this ‘outbreak’ and how do we stop it in the future. Most places do not have proper quarantine procedures in place or since they are hardly used, usually go unimplemented. The future looks equally bleak because the answer is usually the same; give them more vaccines.

Outbreak of measles you say? Most of them vaccinated you say? Well we can’t have our children getting sick. Here is a solution that is sure to stop this from happening again. Give them another round or two of vaccines. Don’t believe me, start reading the paper. After a number of’ outbreaks’ a push goes through the schools to vaccinate children. This is the only solution they have and that is very dangerous. We are not prepared to deal with a mass outbreak of something that a vaccine no longer ‘controls’ or stops from spreading. Our backup plan for a vaccine failure is more vaccines, already infected give a vaccine, likely exposed give a vaccine and even if your chances are.0000001% of infection, yep get a vaccine. We are setting ourselves up for disaster by not looking at alternatives or permanent means to deal with disease. Remember vaccines are all about PREVENTION; they have no place in actually dealing with disease. They are basically a ‘wash away’, let’s just sweep measles under the rug there and we won’t have to think about it anymore. There’s only so much you can sweep under a rug before the dirt starts to leak out.

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