Another Piece to Reassure Parents?

This swept through the lines the other day. Not surprising the “pro-vax” side is claiming another headline victory, even though they were slow to spread this. So being the curious cat that I am, I had to take a peak. Well that news article didn’t have any links to the actual “study” itself so I had to go to this one first and then finally end up here, where I could download the entire  667 pages.

Of course, before I even talk about that, I want to take a look at the first link.

The very first line “After a close review of more than 1,000 research studies” is clearly stating that they didn’t do a fresh study or even look at current reported reactions, but rather they looked at studies and papers already published. Same old information, same old news and the same old headlines. Are you to expect anything but?

“Fears that vaccines might cause autism or other health problems have led some parents to skip vaccinating their children, despite repeated reassurances from health authorities. The concerns have also forced costly reformulations of many vaccines.”

Reassurances? Nobody asked for reassurance, they asked you to look into specific problems, which we will see in your report whether they were even “reviewed”. The part about parents concerns forcing costly reformulations of vaccines is laughable. What kind of changes have been made, if you aren’t listening in the first place. Are they now claiming that Thimerosal was removed due to parental concerns? Now unless I’m mistaken (which happens 😉 The original issues and studies requested have not been met.

“We looked at more than 1,000 articles evaluating the epidemiological and biological evidence about whether vaccines cause side effects,”

So if you are reviewing articles that already say that vaccines are safe and side effects are very, very, very, very rare would you honestly expect to come to any other conclusion than vaccines are safe and effective and while side effects can happen they are very, very, very rare? Holy heck now, how many times have I read that one.

“Once again, the IOM found that the MMR vaccine does not cause autism, nor does it cause type 1 diabetes, Clayton said.”

Well that’s nice of you to re-hash information and again, fail to listen to the concerns of the people.

“The panel found that the MMR vaccine can cause seizures in people who develop high fevers after getting the vaccine, but these pass quickly.”

I’m sure all the parents of children who had their first seizure after this vaccine (among others) and continue to have seizures – some amounting +20 daily-  years later, are fuming at their computers. Of course you never did look at these children and instead you reviewed old articles.

“With the varicella vaccine against chickenpox, some people can develop brain swelling, pneumonia, hepatitis, meningitis or shingles, but this occurs most often in people with compromised immune systems.”

This one really got me. First and foremost is the dismissive nature of this statement. It’s like “ya you can get all this scary stuff but it’s as rare as winning the lottery. It does happen, just never to you. Last but not least is regarding this compromised immune system remark that keeps getting repeated and not just here but across the rest of the web. How compromised does your immune system have to be, for you to be considered at risk for any of these? Can they test beforehand for concerned patients – I say this loosely as you can get vaccines in grocery stores in some places-?

“But Clayton said this can be addressed with the requirement by doctors to have patients remain in the waiting room for 15 minutes after their shot to make sure they do not have an allergic reaction.”

A couple questions I wouldn’t mind asking someone in charge about this one.

Can you do an allergy test beforehand?

About this 15min wait time; Here – as with a lot of places- unless asked, not much information is given regarding vaccines. When getting shots personally or for their child, most people don’t know and aren’t made aware that you can even have an allergic reaction, let alone told to wait around for 15min to see if you or your child has a reaction. I agree that it should be mandated but this article made no implication that they are going to or even plan to implement it.

The second news article I was led to was overall, basically a re-hash of information but with a few extras thrown in for good measure.

“Fears that vaccines can cause various side effects have led to a decline in childhood immunization rates in recent years and a re-emergence of preventable infectious diseases such as pertussis and measles.”

Fear of side effects, is only one of the MANY  reasons why parents are choosing not to vaccinate, but the reason I chose this statement is because of the “fear mongering” that is happening. This is currently being pushed far and wide and what are we seeing happening? People are believing that children who are unvaccinated are little walking, disease spreading machines qnd that if you come into contact with one, your child will most likely catch something and possibly die. Oh my gosh! Run away from the remarkably healthy unvaxed toddlers.

Seriously though some people go as far to expel those who CHOOSE not to vaccinate, yet bring those who have been “approved by doctors, unable to be vaccinated” under their wing. Well except those who feel that they should be vaccinated anyway, reactions or not. A lot of their reasoning comes from certain “headline beliefs” like; unvaxed children spread disease that kills other children, parents choose not to vaccinate their children because of “that doctor who told everybody that mmr causes autism”, some celebrity told them to, it’s the new fad, if we fall below “herd immunity” suddenly our vaccines don’t work and diseases will not only come back but they will be epidemics and my favourite: your unvaxed kid, will give my vaxed kid a disease. The news is now pushing, to make those who choose not to vaccinate themselves and/or their children out to be the bad guys bent on destroying the world. Well maybe they don’t want to go that far but I’m sure the backlash from all this will make those who choose not to vaccinate feel that way.

It really makes me sad to see parents who choose not to vaccinate further, because they’ve witnessed their child have a reaction, be torn apart by the backlash these kind of statements have caused. Two places that I’ve found to hold the most disgusting words of inhumanity, in regards to those who do not vaccinate are from JMBC and Vaccinate You Baby. They generally believe; doctors are the ones to trust unless they question vaccines, that science and studies will show that vaccines are safe and effective and the ones that don’t are from garbage sources or people who are anti-vaccine so it doesn’t count, that unvaccinated people are making everyone else sick and killing them-vaccinated people- with disease, that it doesn’t matter if the court ruled that your child was vaccine injured and that he also has a diagnosis of autism, because the doctor didn’t diagnose it as vaccine injury so, it doesn’t count and that no matter how many claims are out there, it is never causation but only correlation.

In simple terms; vaccines are magical and if I get them I never even have to worry about disease, unless some unvaxed brat comes along with a disease that I’m vaccinated for, then I’m sure to catch it and die, killing my family and infecting my neighbourhood and city in the process. Those anti-vaxers should be booted off to an island somewhere and they can live happily spreading their diseases around, all because they were looking for someone to blame for their kids autism, when it’s just a coincidence that their kid regressed the day they got vaccinated for 7 different diseases.

This second news link also adds that, the reactions suffered can also occur in healthy individuals and not just those with compromised immune systems…..interesting.

What will most likely be passed right over in this article is this statement

“The report does not answer one of the most pressing questions regarding vaccine safety. Gardasil, a vaccine to protect against common strains of human papilloma virus that can cause cervical cancer, has been linked in isolated case reports to blood clots and even some deaths. But the report says there is not enough scientific evidence yet to determine whether HPV vaccines can cause side effects.” “”We did not find studies that were sound enough to consider to making any kind of judgement on that association,” said Dr. S. Claiborne Johnston, a committee member and professor of neurology and epidemiology at UC, San Francisco.”

So they haven’t determined either way on the HPV vaccine, yet they are still pushing it on every tween girl -and soon boy- that they can. This is very concerning. I’m sure that they will determine that this vaccine is safe and that these are all unrelated, previously had issues. That or they occur very, very, very, rarely and that you should still get it OR YOU WILL GET CANCER AND DIE!

 “The report did not explore the benefits of population-wide vaccine programs versus the costs of adverse events in some individuals. Moreover, the committee did not review the scientific evidence on whether safety profiles of various vaccines change when they are given in combinations.”

Of course they never looked at the costs. Even with their claimed oh so very rare reactions, the cost to care for those affected by adverse events, I’m sure far outweighs the current benefit of vaccination programs.

I’m going to point this out now, so everybody pay attention. Vaccines given in combinations have not been looked at. Not in this study nor any other. Period. Why is it nearly impossible then, to get a single of any vaccine. They are all combos given with one or more other combo vaccines. Seriously, why aren’t more people concerned?

One thing I must commend is that they did put 3 little statements in regards to how this “study” was lacking.

Now onto 667 pages of information, oh the fun that shall be had.

Dividing Autism / Autism Spectrum

Let’s get our hands dirty, shall we? Let’s talk diagnosis, let’s talk spectrum and most of all let’s talk about division. There is currently no blood or urine test, no x-ray or scan, that can detect autism. Autism is diagnosed based on behaviours. We all know this. We also know that there is no set standard for the range of levels and areas among the spectrum. This has got to be high on the top ten things that need to be attended to in relation to autism. It really shouldn’t be as difficult as everyone seems to make it out to be.
The very first scale is severe to high functioning, the second would be children to adult, the third would be age of infliction, such as birth or regression –this is important because there may be multiple causes -and the fourth would be areas affected. In short the autism diagnosis should be ever changing. It should grow as the person does and reflect on a more personal level. Even just using the first and second scales, that small division would improve things immensely, I believe. Services could be better coordinated, funding could be better divided, parents would be less confused, discussions would contain less arguments and research could be better directed.

Newsfeed 1

“Although studies have undeniably shown that vaccinations do not trigger autism, some parents may still link the two in the back of their minds, she said”. – see why are we still talking about it
“The recent drop in vaccination rates may have been one of the causes of last year’s whooping cough outbreak, public health experts said. The outbreak killed 10 babies and sickened thousands more.” – Please pay attention to wording here. They do not know if more people not vaccinating caused an outbreak. This is an attack used frequently to try and blame those who do not vaccinate, for spread of disease and those who die of disease. Check out JMBC for a whole group dedicated to those types of people.

Just because you are not vaccinated does not mean that you are carrying diseases, nor does it mean that if you get said disease you will be dumb enough to spread it to others. #1 rule: If you are sick, stay away from people. Don’t go to the store, work, school or church. Do not place yourself into a large group of people when sick, vaccinated or not. Fact is they do not know if it was vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals that it originally came from or that spread to. Implying that unvaccinated individuals are the cause of 10 babies dying is arrogant and very dangerous. Fully vaccinated individuals have contracted the disease they were vaccinated for and spread it to others. Fully vaccinated schools have had outbreaks; instead of blindly attacking a group of people – who are fully in their right to chose not to vaccinate- they should be figuring out first why said outbreak happened. Secondly we are seeing that doctors and nurses need to be retrained; as in most cases they cannot recognize disease when it enters their office, because they RELY on vaccines to the point that it puts people at risk, by not properly quarantining and treating on time. Maybe perhaps you could retest the frikkin vaccine to make sure it is doing its job. Stop blaming and get productive.
“On Wednesday, the number of Whooping Cough cases reported this year reached 326, according to the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency. The agency highly recommended immunizations for all children in their press release.” – These are reported cases and not actual cases. Also they did not list which cases were vaccinated or not.

Source: More Parents Opt Out of Immunizations | NBC San Diego

You’re a Bully, I’m a Bully, We’re All Bullies

I was cruising around the internet, surfing through Autism blogs and came across this.

I’m all for individuals/groups on the spectrum speaking out. To be honest I encourage it, since I see how much my son struggles and how hard he wishes to communicate on a higher level than he does. I’m concerned though, that some “Aspie Adults” are taking things a little too personally and a little too far. Who cares though right? Not hurting anybody.

I can’t actually agree with that. I do think it is doing some harm, in the way that it holds back research and prevents further progress from our ASD children that are way more severe than themselves.

We know nowadays that “Autism” is not simply a genetic disorder, it is not “just something that happens” or re-wiring with the brain at birth and also, that it affects more than just the brain. We also know certain areas that research should go, in order to help those already on the spectrum and also with prevention of the newly born. I agree with lots of things these “Aspie adults” are saying. There should be more acceptance of those on the spectrum, their “rights” should not be lessened or taken away because of their disability, there should be more help available to them then there is now and there should be less discrimination against them in the workplace, school and just generally out in public. These are things that everyone affected by autism in some way is fighting for as well. See, common ground. What divides us then, to the point that everyone affected by autism are fighting amongst each other?

All around the autism community-and other communities- are supporters, trolls, attackers, fence sitters and people looking for help or to help others.

This is where the supporters, attackers and trolls come into play. I did a bit of history – message/blog/thread- checking on the blog writer and it really gives this post a whole new light. The very first paragraph written in this post is clearly an attack, more of a na na na na na dare you to say something about me now piece. The writer goes on to explain how they want peace and harmony and wish to just move on and help people. Yet in almost the same sentence the writer goes on to criticize their “bullies and stalkers”.  This is not moving on. The writer goes on to accuse others for things that the writer is also known to do. So what does this have to do with preventing progress?

For starters, the time that is being taken out to go back and forth arguing between each other is time that could be spent actually advocating. –I have a very high standard for someone who wants to call themselves an advocate for something. This is part of my dislike for autism speaks. As well, this writer had brought together a huge group that wished to terminate or change the name and purpose, of another group that vows to help children on the spectrum. This is not advocacy, this is not going to help change and this is slowing down progress.

I can only hope that from this point on the writer truly does move on and put more focus on her form of advocating – sharing google news alerts, playing games on facebook, begging people to report groups / other people and complaining that she is being bullied and/or this group is about me, please don’t post your links here-  and maybe even work together with the ones she calls “bullies” to help fight for things they agree on.I don’t hold much hope however with this writer, since she doesn’t seem to have an opinion about anything but herself and being bullied. Thank you and have a good night

We can only solve a puzzle if we have all the pieces

We already know autism is a spectrum and we also know that each child, teen and adult is affected differently, yet similarily as well. So why can’t we be like Ash from Pokemon catch ‘em all. 🙂 For the nerd free, I’m talking about collecting data. This autism thing has us all running around like chickens with no heads. We are stumbling blindly around and letting “professionals” do studies and publish data, regarding autism that are not helping anyone. Honestly….. it’s a slap in the fucking face to us parents. We have busted our asses to get as far as we have and we have made progress for pete’s sake. Then for someone to come along and basically tell us that we are either imagining our results or that some study shows that autism is caused by plastic cups or tv or being old and having kids. Really, WTF?

Re: The spec : This is about diagnosis rates in siblings. I’m not knocking this kind of study. In fact it is wonderful that they are trying to find out how common it is and how frequent it can appear throughout the family. What I want to point out in bold here is What’s next? Is that all you got? We already know that if you have one child with autism the chances of your next are pretty friggin high. We also already know, as they were kind enough to point out, is that boys are more likely than girls to be diagnosed. But did they happen to mention why? I didn’t think so. Did they look into why these siblings are more likely to be diagnosed? Are they going to? What was that difference in the families who had one child on the spectrum and one not? Is this ever going to be looked into, or are we just going to keep being placated with all this data that doesn’t really get us anywhere?

We as parents have banded together so much already but I think it’s time we go even further. We know our children better than anyone and we have the determination to change things. If only we could stop fighting amongst ourselves –especially over, born with / induced arguments – and actually start talking to one another. I’m betting, since we are so far ahead of the “profs” already, that we could put together some decent and actually helpful data.

I can only wonder how many would participate. I have faith that many would. We all want answers, solutions and just a regular old helping hand. Unfortunately no one is going to do it for us. It’s time to roll up your sleeves…a second time and get to work. We can only solve a puzzle if we have all the pieces, right? So Let’s get a handle on autism.