Freedom is Only an Idea

Freedom: exempt from external authority, interference, restriction, etc., as a person or one’s will, thought, choice, action, etc.; independent; unrestricted.


Land of the free, we have rights, we have choice, free speech, free will and all that jazz. Are you sure? Have you ever stepped back to look at the situation, take away the excuses for each issue/law/force and look at it as black and white as you can get?

We do not have freedom but a guise of it. We are allowed to walk around making as many small choices as we want to, we live in our own home where we believe that no one has the right to enter unless we deem it so – or a warrant is produced-, we believe in whatever religion-or none- that we wish, we raise our children by our decisions until they are old enough……. or so we thought.

How easy is it for CPS/CAS to come into your home and take away your child? You’re not doing anything wrong you say? Well frankly, that doesn’t matter anymore. There are so many stories of children being taken away from loving homes, put on drugs, sexually assaulted; only to have the decision overturned, maybe an apology and here’s your kids back, sorry we broke them. (I will sit down and gather them up to show how often and easily it happens)

Authorities are overstepping their boundaries when it comes to our children. Yes we need some sort of organization in place to help kids who are actually in troubled homes and need to go somewhere new. The places that they go need better monitoring because most seem like being in Tartarus. Parents have every right to raise their children and make proper decisions for them until they are old enough to do so themselves. We choose what they eat, what they learn, where they go and so on. We make the choice to have them vaccinated or not and should not be vilified for doing so. We make the choice whether to put them on drugs or not and should not have them taken away because we refuse to turn our kids into drooling zombies.

The States round up fast when it comes to things like this but it seems in Canada we are a little ‘slow to the ball’ and it makes me wonder how bad things really are here, when there’s no one speaking out.

So today I want you to meet Ayn. As of today she’s been away from her dad for 103 days. So what did he do? First question that comes up right, well he didn’t beat her, or sexually assault her; she wasn’t locked up in a room, neglected or the like. Her dad isn’t a drug user or drunk, but in the eyes of CPS he cannot possibly be able to handle 3 kids all by himself. So they “lightened his load” and took his daughter from him. She is in a foster home that does not properly care for her and pays a 15yr old to watch and administer “medication” to her.

So that leaves us with Warrior Dad or poorly monitored foster home of Tatarus. Hmmm I wonder which would be better for this sweet little girl. No doubt it will take countless more days for anything to be done and it is heartbreaking. While each day passes Ayn is slowly being lost. She is being medicated against her father’s wishes, is not allowed to see him and no one is listening.

What about when it happens to you? Have to put a lock on your sons door because he wanders, choose not to vaccinate because it is potentially harmful, refuse anti-psychotics for you 3yr old; they may come after you. Your “load may be too heavy” and your choices deemed unacceptable even if they are for the health of your children. The freedom of choice is slowly, slyly being taken away from us. Don’t believe the hype, fight for your right, fight for your freedom.



For more information on Ayn please also visit the Facebook Site and a special thanks to Jean Nicol for speaking out about this injustice

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