Too busy for more…..Another news piece

Not surprisingly this is being slugged across the pro-vax groups as an example to vaccinate. However if you read past the headline, you can see that things are not so cut and dry. According to the mother the child’s fever started the day after their return home. She waited a few days before going to the doctor and the doctor gave her Tylenol for the child and sent her home.
You must be very blind not to see a few things wrong with this picture.
Firstly not mentioned is the fact that; if you knew previously that your child had no protection against a disease, that is probably more common where you are going then here, you should probably have taken more precautions. I know this can be difficult when visiting family or even being able to tell who is sick but there is risk when you travel to other places with a child under 3.
If your child has a fever for more than 24hrs you should consult a doctor.

Your doctor should know better than to send home a child with Tylenol when his fever has occurred longer than a day.

The biggest thing to note; Tylenol depletes glutathione for starters, which is essential for the liver to do it’s job. How does that relate to fever? I suggest you go do some reading.
I’m writing all this out trying to get a point across, not to diminish what this child went through or a “serves you right mom and doctor for being morons”. I’m honestly glad that this child is ok and seems to have recovered without any difficulties.

My point is that there should be more focus on the actual disease, identification, treatment, quarantine and prevention than; vaccination, you should have vaccinated, vaccinate some more and well, we’ll just have to vaccinate younger.
A bit of info to think about in this article is that the death rate for measles –which is due to complications not actual measles- is 1 in 1,000 – this is a world statistic. I think that this is pretty damn good considering that “measles is quite common/rampant in other countries” according to papers and the fact that since, a majority of places that measles is “quite common/rampant” has poor sanitation and poor health care it isn’t surprising that the death rate is higher than here.

I am curious if there is any numbers available on the rate of death or even complications from measles in US/Canada vs the number of reactions (accepted and claimed)

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