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“Although studies have undeniably shown that vaccinations do not trigger autism, some parents may still link the two in the back of their minds, she said”. – see why are we still talking about it
“The recent drop in vaccination rates may have been one of the causes of last year’s whooping cough outbreak, public health experts said. The outbreak killed 10 babies and sickened thousands more.” – Please pay attention to wording here. They do not know if more people not vaccinating caused an outbreak. This is an attack used frequently to try and blame those who do not vaccinate, for spread of disease and those who die of disease. Check out JMBC for a whole group dedicated to those types of people.

Just because you are not vaccinated does not mean that you are carrying diseases, nor does it mean that if you get said disease you will be dumb enough to spread it to others. #1 rule: If you are sick, stay away from people. Don’t go to the store, work, school or church. Do not place yourself into a large group of people when sick, vaccinated or not. Fact is they do not know if it was vaccinated or unvaccinated individuals that it originally came from or that spread to. Implying that unvaccinated individuals are the cause of 10 babies dying is arrogant and very dangerous. Fully vaccinated individuals have contracted the disease they were vaccinated for and spread it to others. Fully vaccinated schools have had outbreaks; instead of blindly attacking a group of people – who are fully in their right to chose not to vaccinate- they should be figuring out first why said outbreak happened. Secondly we are seeing that doctors and nurses need to be retrained; as in most cases they cannot recognize disease when it enters their office, because they RELY on vaccines to the point that it puts people at risk, by not properly quarantining and treating on time. Maybe perhaps you could retest the frikkin vaccine to make sure it is doing its job. Stop blaming and get productive.
“On Wednesday, the number of Whooping Cough cases reported this year reached 326, according to the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency. The agency highly recommended immunizations for all children in their press release.” – These are reported cases and not actual cases. Also they did not list which cases were vaccinated or not.

Source: More Parents Opt Out of Immunizations | NBC San Diego

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