Dividing Autism / Autism Spectrum

Let’s get our hands dirty, shall we? Let’s talk diagnosis, let’s talk spectrum and most of all let’s talk about division. There is currently no blood or urine test, no x-ray or scan, that can detect autism. Autism is diagnosed based on behaviours. We all know this. We also know that there is no set standard for the range of levels and areas among the spectrum. This has got to be high on the top ten things that need to be attended to in relation to autism. It really shouldn’t be as difficult as everyone seems to make it out to be.
The very first scale is severe to high functioning, the second would be children to adult, the third would be age of infliction, such as birth or regression –this is important because there may be multiple causes -and the fourth would be areas affected. In short the autism diagnosis should be ever changing. It should grow as the person does and reflect on a more personal level. Even just using the first and second scales, that small division would improve things immensely, I believe. Services could be better coordinated, funding could be better divided, parents would be less confused, discussions would contain less arguments and research could be better directed.

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