We can only solve a puzzle if we have all the pieces

We already know autism is a spectrum and we also know that each child, teen and adult is affected differently, yet similarily as well. So why can’t we be like Ash from Pokemon catch ‘em all. 🙂 For the nerd free, I’m talking about collecting data. This autism thing has us all running around like chickens with no heads. We are stumbling blindly around and letting “professionals” do studies and publish data, regarding autism that are not helping anyone. Honestly….. it’s a slap in the fucking face to us parents. We have busted our asses to get as far as we have and we have made progress for pete’s sake. Then for someone to come along and basically tell us that we are either imagining our results or that some study shows that autism is caused by plastic cups or tv or being old and having kids. Really, WTF?

Re: The spec : This is about diagnosis rates in siblings. I’m not knocking this kind of study. In fact it is wonderful that they are trying to find out how common it is and how frequent it can appear throughout the family. What I want to point out in bold here is What’s next? Is that all you got? We already know that if you have one child with autism the chances of your next are pretty friggin high. We also already know, as they were kind enough to point out, is that boys are more likely than girls to be diagnosed. But did they happen to mention why? I didn’t think so. Did they look into why these siblings are more likely to be diagnosed? Are they going to? What was that difference in the families who had one child on the spectrum and one not? Is this ever going to be looked into, or are we just going to keep being placated with all this data that doesn’t really get us anywhere?

We as parents have banded together so much already but I think it’s time we go even further. We know our children better than anyone and we have the determination to change things. If only we could stop fighting amongst ourselves –especially over, born with / induced arguments – and actually start talking to one another. I’m betting, since we are so far ahead of the “profs” already, that we could put together some decent and actually helpful data.

I can only wonder how many would participate. I have faith that many would. We all want answers, solutions and just a regular old helping hand. Unfortunately no one is going to do it for us. It’s time to roll up your sleeves…a second time and get to work. We can only solve a puzzle if we have all the pieces, right? So Let’s get a handle on autism.

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