Listening to parents everywhere

So we’ve already established that there isn’t anything refuting the ‘autism vaccine link’. So what now? Let’s start at the beginning, not historically speaking, rather who are making these claims and why are we hearing so much about it now?

Of course individuals are claiming vaccine injury, but the majority –and loudest- of voices are coming from parents, mainly those of children somewhere along the spectrum. Yes since vaccines have been around, claims of injuries caused by them have been made and parents have been speaking out the entire time, so why are we constantly hearing about it nowadays?

I can’t lay it all down to one specific reason but can tell you this, there is an ever growing number of these parents and they are; vocal, active, unrelenting and downright pissed off. These parents have watched their seemingly healthy, ‘typically developing’ child change immediately/shortly after receiving a ‘round’ of vaccines. They have brought their concerns to everyone under the sun and have been; reassured that everything is fine, told that there is absolutely no way that a vaccine could have caused this, told that nothing will help, called crazy and asked if their child is ready for their next set of vaccines.

Not everyone has had this kind of experience. I am sure that there are doctors who have taken these parents concerns seriously and helped in any way they can. But when you listen to the parents, a very high majority of them will tell you that no one is listening to their concerns. If no one is addressing these concerns when they happen how are we supposed to know how many kids are being hurt, because that really becomes the question.

Everyone knows that vaccine injuries happen, that’s why we have a system set up to compensate individuals who have had an “injury” subsequent to vaccination. Not touching on it too much, but there is another side deemed ‘pro-vax’. ‘Their’ response to vaccine injury is that it is a very, very, very rare occurrence, so the benefit of vaccines – which is the reduced risk of/injury from disease, infection ect – is greater than the risk of injury from said vaccines.

Is this really true in 2011? If we are hearing of an increasing amount of injury claims does this not make us question if this occurrence of injury is not so rare? I can hear you already saying that government and such would know since we have a reporting system – that the majority of the population doesn’t know about- and we have doctors – who disregard parents claims and don’t note it – and nurses to monitor our children and record what happens.

Fun fact, I’ve talked to over 700,000 people who could not list 5 signs of a vaccine reaction. Of that were over 400 doctors who have never reported a vaccine reaction their whole career. If no one knew what to look for, then how can we properly report it, when it does happen?

So what do we do now? Let’s try listening to these parents to start. I’m not saying let’s believe every claim, but let us at least listen to them for once. I personally in a span of 2yrs have listened to over 100,000 parent’s claims of vaccine injury to their children, but one woman from the UK has gone a step further.  Joan Campbell, a delightful woman who is outspoken and unwilling to give up fighting for what she believes in. Her time and energy has been devoted to this, since she starting posting this;

“I am compiling a list of children who were adversely affected by any vaccine. Please if you could say in about 4-6 sentences what that vaccine was, how they reacted, how they are today and what city the vaccine was administered.” On September 18 2010. I can safely say that she has by no means posted this everywhere and even though it hasn’t been a year she has collected almost 1,000 claims this way.

We all can agree that these are just claims and don’t thoroughly prove anything, but we can also agree that it’s pretty scary how many claims are so similar and if you asked each claimant ‘why wasn’t this reported if it’s true’ most will tell you that they were dismissed, sometimes on the simple statements from the doctor as ‘there is no evidence, vaccines are safe, there is no possible way that a vaccine caused that’ without any investigation and without anything being noted in the records. So let’s start looking at these kids, let’s start investigating these claims and let’s find some answers.

I want to especially thank Joan Campbell for the amazing effort that you are putting in, to make sure everyone is heard and to all the parents who have courageously put down their story.

Please take the time to visit the site read the stories – bring tissues – and just listen for a minute.

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